The focus of the development of LED lighting to reduce costs
The focus of the development of LED lighting to reduce costs
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  Effect from the light on, LED lighting to replace traditional light sources have reached the standard. LED lighting, the main direction of development should not be lm / w to represent the technological upgrading, but the $ / lm represented costs. 
  LED lighting market: in 2009 the global lighting market, LED lighting value of about 24 billion U.S. dollars, penetration is only 3.3%. Expected to LED lighting in general lighting market worldwide by 2015 the proportion will rise to 50%, 80% in 2020 . 
  In LED lighting products with the traditional lighting products during the rapid decline in the price difference, LED lighting penetration will increase rapidly, we believe that large-scale LED lighting alternative to the end of 2011, early 2012 start ,2011-2012 will be an LED lighting industry, an important investment timing. 
  Because of commercial / industrial enterprises are more sensitive to electricity costs, the government enterprises become more stringent energy conservation requirements and other reasons, commercial / industrial lighting products that use energy-saving performance will be more active. LED lighting products, replacement will be the first in the commercial / industrial place, get a good role model, and then gradually spread to household lighting. 
  LED lighting, LED lighting module industry chain to the (light) and LED lamps produce extended, bringing the competitive landscape changes, walk down the upstream enterprises and downstream enterprises upward migration, vertical integration was accelerated. 
  LED lighting LED package is the throat of the industry chain, will usher in a development opportunity. In the LED lighting module package link will appear in the trend. LED lighting applications, LED industry chain cut into the traditional lighting companies with the accumulation of optical design, LED lighting in the possession of certain advantages in areas, channels for the king's law also applies to LED lighting applications. z optimistic about our long-term development of LED industry in the next 5 years is the golden period of development of the industry to maintain the industry's 'recommended' rating, promising high-end packaging and downstream applications. In the LED packaging field, we are optimistic in the high-end package, high-brightness high-power Fengzhuang enterprises has certain technical accumulation, is a good investment targets Wajue; in LED downstream applications, we are optimistic about a certain size, with their own brand of LED lighting lighting manufacturers, is its size and channel competition in the downstream to win the advantage.