LED business prospects and trends of household

A, LED indoor commercial areas in the application of 10 
Currently, LED interior lighting in the main focus of the domain in the commercial lighting, decorative lighting in the main. LED ready to replace the traditional light sources in many places use, especially the emergence of high-power LED, LED accelerated pace to replace traditional lighting, LED indoor lighting also makes a large area applications become a reality. 
1. High-class stores, shopping malls and other indoor commercial lighting atmosphere 
Energy saving LED light source, no UV, to meet some of the businesses show the psychological individual light environment has become for some businesses some special preference for light products; its full spectrum of color range is suitable for stores and shopping malls heighten the atmosphere of , LED light source in the local lighting, accent lighting and area lighting advantages, to create a light source other traditional lighting can not compare the quality of the light environment, ideal for commercial lighting domain. At this time, the price became a secondary consideration. 
2. Entertainment, beauty salon lighting 
LED light source with integrated full-featured easy to control, you can create static and dynamic lighting effects, from the full spectrum of white light to any color, rendering the atmosphere to a strong entertainment, LED's appear to the interior design of such open space environment a new way of thinking. 
3. Bars, cafes and other leisure venues in the mood lighting 
LED light source, small size, solid state lighting, lighting manufacturer to the unlimited use of space, you can create all kinds of different styles of professional LED lighting and LED full spectrum of any color and make it static and dynamic lighting effects and manufacture of decorative mood function of places in this type of performance to be realized. 
4. Museums, art galleries and other professional areas of lighting 
Museums, art galleries and other places belonging to the higher environmental requirements of lighting for special occasions, special requirements of the display of materials without ultraviolet lighting, no heat radiation. LED is a cold light source, the light does not contain UV, fully meet the museums, art galleries on the special lighting requirements. 
5. Commercial theater, television, dance and photography studio stage lighting 
LED light source in the interior lighting applications, to the theater, studio lighting environment, a new interpretation of the concept. As the leading British TV, GMTV last year, the studio lighting to color LED, lighting energy use by 60% or more, the studio dropped the temperature more comfortable level. 
6. Inns, hotels, guest houses lighting 
Hotels, guest houses, use of LED lighting products, to bring a different customer experience, in addition to energy savings, it'll also filling luxury and warmth of the owners concerned, LED light to create a personalized environment can be fully demonstrate the strength of enterprises. 
7. Conference rooms, multi-purpose hall lighting 
Gray adjustable LED intelligent control can be adjusted according to the different content of the meeting room or function room lighting conditions, serious or lively and can be freely set, LED intelligent lighting to meet the different needs of the environment the theme of light . 
8. Exhibitions, fashion show lighting 
Exhibitions, fashion shows are businesses showcase their products and services space. On the business, in order to better attract customers, sell merchandise and eventually reached an agreement, they need personalized light environment to display their products and services, LED lighting in exhibitions and fashion shows come in handy domain. 
9. The living room and home theater lighting 
LED lights use color to set off a warm, harmonious, warm waves of the atmosphere, reflects the comfortable, casual atmosphere. The application of LED lighting for home another interpretation of meaning. 
10. Public transportation lighting situations 
Including aircraft, buses, rapid transit, high-speed rail, public transportation in the light of these, if we can use the LED, for operating and maintenance costs can be a substantial reduction, but also because the LED light source is directional, does not affect the different seat passengers, reading lights, lamps and other situations quite suitable. At present the Airbus A380 on the use of LED lamps, Japanese Shinkansen vehicles used LED lamps. 
Second, LED light source technology prospects and trends 
Long time, because the reasons for the low efficiency LED light, its application mainly in various display areas. With the high brightness LED (especially the white LED) appears, in lighting applications possible. According to international authorities predict will enter the twenty-first century, represented a new type of LED lighting times, is called the fourth generation of a new light.