LED is the popularity of the high price barrier, the price factor determined price, and price advantages of light accepted by the public can make is to replace traditional lighting of LED lighting is one important factor. 
  LED chip with the technology, increase the number of larger wafers by the production process, will continue to reduce costs, in recent years reduced the annual rate of 20%, LED chips in the price factor, to enhance the efficiency of light is also included in the price reduction in the , the same price to buy a better product. LED chip, the proportion of 15% is still very reasonable, in the future will continue to remain at this level. 
  LED packaging costs account for a substantial proportion of the price, around 50%, we have to choose a more appropriate package structure. Cree, Lumileds, OSRAM lighting design of existing packages do not meet the needs of the design cost remains high. Bold and innovative design is the product design in China, most of us still stick to copy the package structure of thinking big, too little innovation, lack of confidence in their own innovation. COB is the way of the future mainstream of lighting design, lighting optics required by COB package, while reducing the cost of the second optical design. Lighting package costs only 20-30% of the total cost is more reasonable. 
  The actual cost of only 15% of LED chips, and other costs primarily come from packaging, cooling, structural cost, and power. From a cost point of view the composition of the cost reduction in the manufacturing sector lighting, LED chips required reduction is simply not achieve much effect. Lighting manufacturers need the overall price is reasonable, rational planning, integrated part of the simple requirements of a particular role is not cheap, but the overall structure of our lighting design to the economy, is the most important optimization. 
  Lighting design is now accounted for about 20% of the cost, and some high. As the technology development of power in about 5-10% of the most reasonable. Practical thermal design is very simple, always has two directions: First,, LED chips and pieces of the path outside the radiators as short as possible, the shorter the better your thermal design; Second, heat resistance, is to have enough heat transfer the path must also have sufficient 'heat path'. Mainly in the structure of this part of the cost for the cooling costs are not many. Cooling costs should be maintained at 20%, has been hard-working people of China will be priced very low, 20% of the cost that is reasonable, the biggest question is how to more innovation, design is more reasonable. In the light of structural design is the LED lighting power supply probably accounts for the weakest link, is seriously lagging behind the development of LED lighting, the quality to be improved.